A King Unknown

In a world of diversity, a push for equality, and blurred social class lines, we have difficulty grasping the reality that not all people are born equal. Not all people are at all equal, though we like to pretend they are in order to appease a moral consciousness thrust upon us by society. Some are natural musicians. Others are intellectuals. Some are beautiful. Others are artists. We are not at all equal.

Some are born into royalty. Their bloodlines date back centuries to conquerors and rulers whose uttered words altered the course of history, sweeping countries into war or peace. Theirs is a history of honor and deference. Their title alone requires obeisance be given.

Yet, now, we forget these things. In a world where the mighty are torn down and the lowly uplifted by no means other than an appeal to humanity, the differences that once made us are squashed into the mire and muck of yesteryears, no longer considered with much import.

Perhaps that is particularly why we forget that there are kings and queens. There are those whose stations are borne of them simply in their having been for so long and persevered throughout time.

And perhaps that is why we also forget that there is one, true King. This king, unlike others today, has not been made by his forebearers┬ábut has always been. This king, also unlike others, cannot be brought low by His people’s thoughts or actions, as He is too far above them to be so. This king has always been, is so now, and will always be.

This king reigns on a throne not simply of authority (though that fact is inarguable) but also one of grace, from which He extends upon mere mortals who can never be worthy of it, a grace which transcends any that can be fathomed by our small minds.

Perhaps this is also why Christmas has become a time so full of frivolity and self-revolvement. We have forgotten that this king condescended to send His son, His only, to be just as mortal as we. Not only born a vulnerable baby but lower than the lowest- born in the midst of animals, a place not even fit for human habitation. He placed his son in the midst of a family situation which would have otherwise created him as an outcast within that society, and allowed him to be raised by parents who were of no fortune to speak of. This king, the most high-honored king, sent a part of him to become nothing.


That He might commune with us. That we might find His love in His actions. That we might come to repentance and redemption. That we may know Him.


Simply by believing that this king lavished His love on us enough that He became the lowest of human form. By believing that He desired so much that we might not only know Him as king but also as friend. That He sent the sacrifice required to enter His presence.

For you see, this king is holy, is perfect, is worth more than we could ever, in our sinful unrighteousness, begin to consider being within His presence. Yet, in His desire that we be so, He sent to us the required sacrifice to cleanse us forevermore. He sent His son, His perfect sacrifice to purify us that we might enter into His throne room. That we might commune and have relationship with a king.

And while, in our society, communion with a king is unheard of… it is still desirable. It is still an opportunity that affords itself to us. A chance that we can take, grasp, and partake of each and every day of our mortal lives until we see Him face to face.

So, while we are far from unequal to Him by any standard at all, it is humbling to know that God, my father, desires that I should know Him and come into relationship with Him.

And it is in that humility that I am thankful for this Christmas season.



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