Snake in the Grass

No, this is not a post about idioms. Matter of fact, it’s not a post about literature…. or history… or those topics which have an appeal to me at all. This one is a bit more opaque, but hopefully meaningful in its lesson.

After an incredibly tiring week, this evening was one in which I had hoped to settle down to a good book, a quiet room, and delightful snack. However, that hope was unnervingly jarred and rocked on its hinges. Those notions of a pleasant evening shattered all around me. An Epiphany crashed down the door and reared its ugly head at me. It snarled and drooled, erasing all hopes for a delightful evening. This Epiphany was much unlike those I have met in the past. It was disagreeable and unyielding. Rather than a welcome inspiration like others I have met, this Epiphany coiled its way around my consciousness and refused to surrender it. It demanded that I give it attention.

Those Attentions had to overcome Naivety and Stubbornness first. Yet, they did. The result- a tasteless realization. A realization to which I’d have rather remained ignorant.

There’s a snake in the grass. Though the grass is well-kept and managed, this snake weaves its way through, gliding on pleasantries and artificial confidences. It smiles and charms its way into the conversation, laughing at the opportune moments while tsk-ing when necessary. Beautifully camouflaged into the norm, it weaves its way in and out of the daily workings, leaving behind collateral damage which is unseen until its tail is far from the crime scene. Devouring Power and multiplying its strength, it lies in wait. Feeding its own insecurities. Waiting. Devious in its plans. Just waiting for the downfall…. the storm to surround its victim and obliterate it. All the while, the snake smiles at its victim… the victim never knowing, never realizing the poison behind it.

Until Epiphany crashed in…. crushing the snake, leaving a broken and irredeemable relationship in its path.

That Epiphany, which seemed so villainous and conniving, is really a saving grace. Though vexing and ponderous in its disastrous wake, the Epiphany leaves a cleansing and a chance at newer beginnings. Though I do struggle with which Beginning to choose…. and how to kill the snake.