It Burns! It Burns!

HOW in the world is it ALREADY July 15th?!?!? Do YOU know what THAT means? Birthday? Nope. Anniversary? Nope. Appointment? Nope.

*Spoiler Alert*
It BurnsIt means that school is getting closer!!! (Insert theme music from Psycho!) Now, truthfully, I am blissfully unaware of the actual date that children have to report for the first day of the 2015-2016 school year. There’s always that one person who bursts my bubble, and I feel its inevitability creeping closer each day. However, even more bliss is found in my ignorance of what day I am supposed to report back to school. Yep- I may be a Type A personality of sorts, but in this particular area, I regard ignorance in much esteem.  Not knowing gives me a false security in thinking I have PLENTY of time to prepare. I can totally get all of that “stuff” done before I have to be there. Totally. It’s the same reason I set my clock 10 minutes ahead. I know that if the clock shows the time I am supposed to be somewhere, I REALLY have TEN whole minutes to arrive. It’s great! (But sometimes drives my dear husband crazy.)

However, that Type A personality won’t lay low for too long. I’ve already begun the scheming planning of what my darlings will be doing in class, tossing ideas around, nixing the bad, shining the good, and applying lipstick to the ugly. I’ve got it all under control!

It actually started months ago with devising my Summer Reading List. My personal homework has been to re-read each of them, while the kiddos only had to choose one. Fahrenheit 451 (seemingly the favorite), Antigone, Invisible Man, Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow, and The Kite Runner were the finalists. I endeavored to throw in a little bit of something for everyone, a vast array of literary flashlights that shine into the darkness of ignorance and illuminate an area of life previously undiscovered. I invite you to discover too!

P.S. My personal favorite, though it is far more graphic that the others, is The Kite Runner. It is one of very few books that had me bawling, grasping for understanding of the inhumanity found in a country I will never see. Its poignant descriptions were mind-altering and swooped me into another world entirely. An intense, wonderful read!Kites


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