Hello world! (Ummm…. “Hello, World!” is the correct punctuation.)

I’m starting a blog. This is my blog. Why am I starting a blog? Well….

Teaching is a tough profession. We are criticized beyond what anyone can even imagine (except maybe politicians). We are underpaid (THAT age-old argument). We have long hours (Oh, but what about summers? Blah). We never get the credit that’s due (but so few do!).

But dang it… I love what I do. I love teaching. Not because I have SOOOO much wisdom to impart upon the young minds of tomorrow. (hahaha! I know half of you just had a sarcastic comment to insert .) I just enjoy those conversations with students where they come around to a conclusion based upon their own understanding of a text, where they realize they DO understand, and where they actually teach me something instead. I love the interaction and the exchange of knowledge with my students. All that other (am I allowed to say it?) ‘crap’ just gets in the way of what I really like to do. I like it. I like being a teacher. (Whew! It’s almost like a Confessional up in here!)

In an effort to continue my own education and better myself professionally, I am currently working on my National Board Certification, which I feel is an elite, and pretty intense training for educators to become more effective at what they do. Much of the information I have scoured encourages teacher to have a blog- one that allows for interaction while also encouraging self-reflection.

So, here I am. I’m starting a blog. This is my blog.

Try not to judge me too harshly on spelling and punctuation, please!


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